Mais Taha


Founder | AEC Digitization | Sustainable Facility Management | Architectural Engineering | Eco-products Design | Mentor

Mais Taha is an architect engineer and eco-designer, the founder of InovaXion PlatformZ andXEROWASTE. 25 years of nature conservation, 18 years in design CAD and 13 years in design management.

 What to expect during the event

XEROWASTE is MTiPx operational system under transformation to a software and a plugin, the session will share design method that enable saving materials and reaching zero waste in the different phases of the design lifecycle.

1. Design natural resources and material consumption
2. Eco design main principles
3. Eco-design process and how it makes a difference
4. Digital design and digital twin as a main engine for eco-design
5. Blue print to achieve zero waste in design

Eco-Digital Design

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