Kimon Onuma


Architect, FAIA

Kimon Onuma, FAIA, builds architecturally informed environments for the digital and physical world. Having used BIM for over three decades in his architectural practice, Kimon guides architects and owners into information-driven design.
In 1994, years before it was mainstream, he demonstrated BIM benefits on numerous large-scale U.S. government projects.
Kimon leads a unique team of architects and computer scientists at the 1988 company he founded, Onuma, Inc. His ONUMA System, a web-based tool that allows both tech and non-tech savvy users to cloud collaborate in real-time, creates data output that generates BIM. As the creator of over 35 BIMStorms, the BIM charrette that became a "Woodstock" for the building industry was a 24-hour event, bringing together 133 design professionals and industry specialists from 11 countries to plan, design, and collaborate on 420 buildings totaling over 55 million square feet. BIMStorm LAX garnered a 2008 AIA TAP Award.
In addition to presenting domestically and internationally at over 400 industry events, Kimon authored numerous industry journals, like the 2006 AIA Report on Integrated Practice titled "The 21st Century Practitioner."
Recent federal agency projects through the National Institute of Building Sciences include the Department of Defense Military Health System, Department of Veterans Affairs for their healthcare strategic planning, programming, facility management, and Department of State Overseas Building Operations. In addition, Kimon served as Chair of the Thought Leadership Subcommittee of the buildingSMART Alliance and served as the 2013 American Institute of Architects, Technology in Architectural Practice chair.

 What to expect during the event

Thirty years of BIM and 15 years of BIMStorms taught us to build informed environments using ecosystems to collaborate face to face and at a distance.
Social distancing was not part of the vernacular until a few years ago. Yet, today we physically distance ourselves to impede the spread of COVID-19. The silver lining is that never before have we been more equipped to collaborate and facilitate teamwork than now.
In the past, architecture and design collaboration required bodies to be in the same room. How does that work with physical meetings grinding to a halt -- and valuable subject matter experts holed up in their homes?
​​Fast forward to today's work environment; we use virtual work environments that place a premium on the INFORMATION that each team member contributes. The physical connection is no longer a factor as machine-readable systems capture data the project team develops. Mobile, cloud computing, and other technologies support uninterrupted workflows even with the constraints of social distancing. We allow ourselves all the benefits of "swarm intelligence" without having to leave our homes.
This session will use examples from BIMStorms, projects, and strategies developed for owners to illustrate immediate opportunities for all stakeholders.

1-Learn how all stakeholders benefit from digital collaboration in person and at a distance.

2-Learn what an ecosystem is for BIM. ( it is not all about BIM!)

3-As a consultant, learn how to identify opportunities for your organization to generate value

4-As an owner, learn how to drive your needs for managing the total cost of ownership on projects and portfolio

5-Learn how BIMStorms make data an asset

BIMStorm at a Distance

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