Kevin Furlong

TU Dublin

Lecturer in BIM and Collaborative Digital Construction


Kevin Furlong is a full-time lecturer in BIM and Collaborative Digital Construction at the Technological University Dublin’s School of Surveying and Construction Innovation. From a core Building Services background, Kevin has worked in industry in a variety of construction and building services roles, before becoming an educator in a full-time capacity. Kevin holds a Master’s degree in Higher Education and a Master’s Degree in BIMM. He is also an Autodesk Certified Professional

With colleagues from across the College of Engineering & Built Environment, Kevin was responsible for development of TU Dublin's ground-breaking MSc in applied Building Information Modelling & Management, and he now teaches across a range of discipline-specific and multidisciplinary modules as well as supervising applied Capstone projects.

Kevin leads and coordinates the Multidisciplinary BIM Collaboration modules where Team project work is undertaken. He is an active member of the both the UK and Irish BIM Academic Fora, and has a leading role in TU Dublin's College BIM Strategy Implementation working group.

 What to expect during the event

The presentation will provide a detailed overview of TU Dublin's progression ladder regarding their Digital Construction and Analytics courses. The presentation will specifically discuss how existing courses such as the BSc (Honours) in BIM (Digital Construction), MSc in applied BIM and Management and Postgraduate Certificate in Digital Construction Analytics / Engineering Analytics are responding to changing technological and environmental factors within the AEC Sector by providing graduates with a safe, educational setting to develop an ability to use BIM technologies and leverage a variety of analytics tools for design, construction, and collaboration.

The presentation will demonstrate how the programmes focus on improving the construction sector's productivity through better multidisciplinary coordination, digital transformation, data mining techniques, and the application of Lean principles, including fully utilising people's talents, skills, knowledge, and reducing waste.

A focus will be provided on how TU Dublin's uses Autodesk ACC in tandem with ISO 19650 standards and other associated documentation to deliver all of their collaborative projects from the BSc (Honours) up to the 2nd year of the Masters. The presentation will explore how the programme team has adapted Autodesk ACC as a CDE for each student group and to accommodate cloud collaboration, data-drops, communication, design coordination, and clash resolution. With the lecturing team acting as the Appointing Party, multidisciplinary project design teams of 4-5 students are formed. These teams, pending their course maturity, are provided with a detailed Exchange Information Requirement, Project Brief, Project Specification, and Project Information Requirements for a new project.

The use of RFI's, Submittals, Reviews, and Activity Tracking has further enabled the platform to be used as an educational tool to provide real-time feedback, comments, and mark-ups on documents, models, and concepts. This has enabled all graduates of the programmes to utilise and critique the technologies, workflows and standards required to enable collaborative digital construction methods

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