Kaustubh Pandey

Digital Council Leader at Galactic Group

BIM Manager at Atkins Global


Kaustubh Pandey, A veteran in the Virtual Design and Construction space is an Architecture graduate from one of the top Architecture Schools in Asia and holds extensive experience in BIM and related practices.He has worked on digitizing of all phases of a design and construction project from pre-design, design, planning, estimation, execution, to handover and facility management. He also specializes in digitization of DfMA and Pre-Fab projects. He has overseen BIM implementation on several large scale, prestigious, building and infrastructure projects in the US, UK, Singapore, India and the Middle East. He has also worked on digitizing several projects of reputed architects like Zaha Hadid Architects, Forster+Parners, BENOY, etc. and has also helped organizations like CBRE, TATA Projects, Turner & Townsend, Atkins, etc. in their digital construction Journey.

 What to expect during the event

As we move from drawings to data, our information skills become increasingly important. The BIM standards require an Information Manager(IM)across multiple disciplines to enable collaborative delivery of all the project information. The IMprovides supportsprojects to help them follow the Global Design Framework and meet BIM ISO19650. An IM will work with you to mobilise the right tools and servicesfor a successful Project BIM Implementation.40% of struggling projects are attributable to poor project setup. For design consultants, this is often due to systems and tools being put in place too late, consistent information management practices not being deployed at the start, and team members not being briefed properly. The Project Environment Mobilisation Service addresses these issues for design projects by rapidly deploying team environments and processes that meet BIM ISO19650 and follow the Global Design Framework. The Consultant’s IMtakes responsibility for getting your project environment setup correctly to save you valuable time and project budget.Information Management helps projects deliver in line with the Global Design Framework. An IMcan rationalise software applications, data environments, and delivery processes, so the design team canspend less time configuring and training, and start projects "right first-time".

•Bring about higher levels of transparency in the delivery process
•Provide Measurable insights into project performance and progress
•Consistently delivering quality in projects through the adoption of best practices and well-defined Quality Assurance processes.
•Capture Knowledge –Ensuring that all workflows, decisions, information are captured so that individuals who join at a later stage of delivery are able to get up to speed quickly.
•Enabling automation across multiple projects through standardization. It is only when processes are consistent across hundreds of projects that we can reap the benefits of automation.
•Increasing efficiency –by utilizing content and lessons learnt from previous projects

Why is BIM perceived as an expensive step-sibling by most small and midscale consultants?

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