Jordan Billingsley

Hord Coplan Macht

Design Technology Manager


Jordan is a Design Technology Manager investigating, developing, and deploying advanced technology at HCM. Jordan was featured in the book “Superusers: Design Technology Specialists and the Future of Practice” and has presented at conferences on “Cultivating Computational Mindsets” and “Navigating Design Technology”. Jordan also teaches Digital Fabrication at Morgan State University where he passionately supports the craft of model making and prototyping.

 What to expect during the event

There is no “one-size-fits-all" solution to BIM adoption, but thoughtful organizational decisions are key to protecting initial investments and supporting transformational growth. After hundreds of hours interviewing dozens of AEC professionals across a variety of firm types and sizes, we have identified different BIM Titles and Roles that can help firm leadership, consultants, and passionate end users better understand the ever-evolving field of Design Technology. In this presentation we will define responsibilities and share different approaches to becoming, training, recruiting, consulting, managing, and leading BIM Adopters.

- Investment vs Adoption
- Defining BIM Titles and Roles
- Identifying and Developing Skillsets
- Recruiting and Retaining
- Consultant Value

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