John Egan


Founder & CEO

CEO and founder at BIMLauncher. Technology entrepreneur and construction industry evangelist. Involved with various standards initiatives targeting the exchange of information between cloud based project management solutions.

 What to expect during the event

I will describe how the role of BIM managers & document controllers is evolving with automation. I will discuss the roles on projects without automation and how we are seeing them evolve on some of the most complex projects on the planet with cutting edge technology assistance. I will also discuss where this role is going in the future.

- life as an information manager without automation
- life as an information manager with automation
- what’s next in the life of an information manager

Appointing Party (Client/Employer/Owner)
Lead-Appointed Party (Design)
Lead-Appointed Party (Construction)
Lead-Appointed Party (Operations)
Appointed Party/Task-Team (Design)
Appointed Party/Task-Team (Construction)
Appointed Party/Task-Team (Operations)

Main/General Contractor
Project Management
Facilities Management
Anybody that shares information via a CDE per ISO19650-2.

What is the Distributed Common Data Environment (DCDE) and how is it relevant to the future of digital collaboration

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