Jocelyn Lomer

NuVa Enterprises



Jocelyn is a Chartered Engineer and member of the IET, he also holds and MSc. from Brunel University as well as a Henley MBA.

Jocelyn is CEO of nuVa Enterprises and has over 40 years’ experience in telecommunications and software and over 20 years specialising in virtual meetings. As owners of the advanced nuVa remote collaboration technology he has a unique perspective on how new remote collaboration media affect cognition as well as ‘digital transformation’.

 What to expect during the event

Jocelyn’s presentation will range over the anthropology, sociology, psychology of face-to-face communication and human evolution. Jocelyn will discuss remote media evolution and its effect on cognition. Jocelyn will also discuss the importance of ‘cognitive artefacts’, of BIM models and the ‘surrounding of 3d models’ with additional cognition. The benefits and the potential for remote innovation, and faster programme delivery will also be highlighted.

1.People have evolved in a certain way
2.Human collaboration has evolved in a certain way
3.The modern face to face meeting with people and things (artefacts) is the best way that people understand each other (best cognition)
4.Telecommunication media constrain cognition as they 'filter' natural behaviours
5.If we emulate a natural meeting at the HMI, we deliver optimal remote cognition, with implications for innovation, safety, far faster programme delivery etc.

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