Jero Juujarvi


BIM Specialist


Having worked in many different industries over the years, Jero is now focused on operational deployment of new technologies, BIM and processes to overcome change resistance and build a culture of strong peer-learning and adaptation. I love BIM and not just because of 3D, but because of information. BIM-supported tools have allowed us to finally transform our construction processes into lean methods like Real-Time Progression, Automatic Quality Checking, Mass Calculations, and more. Today more than ever, we can change revolutionize the future of construction forever.

 What to expect during the event

We all love develop and improve construction projects, but by only focusing on the development it won't move the needle enough to build up competitive advantage.

What we really have to do is to have great focus on the difficult task: deployment, peer-learning and continuous improvement. Sharing the benefit with everyone and building the ability to move faster as a company becomes crucial.

- Challenges of current development projects
- Critical key things to get right for deployment
- How to deploy new practice on site
- How to empower adabtability
- How Support & Development goes hand in hand

Empowering BIM Adoption

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