James Leverton


Digital Solutions Lead


James is a Digital Solutions Lead at AECOM working across the Water, Ports and Power (WPP) sectors in the UK&I. With over 19 years’ experience he has been on international assignments in Australia, New Zealand and Libya delivering water and wastewater schemes.

James is passionate about digital engineering techniques and the future of this across all WPP sectors. James channels this passion internally with AECOM and externally to clients across WPP business nationally to assist in change within their organisations.

 What to expect during the event

80% of the benefit BIM brings is in the operational phase of the asset’s life. Our clients are quickly realizing the value of this data and many are looking to expand the use of the project data far beyond construction by embracing new opportunities to leverage data for O&M, in the form of Digital Twins (DT). In the first instance DT provide an extremely valuable operational aid in the form of a digital O&M manual. Beyond this, when dynamic sensor data is integrated, the ability to connect to IoT and third -party technologies provides seamless integration into business processes to deliver on-going operational excellence. This session will highlight benefits of ensuring a robust digital strategy is set out from the outset. We will then explore where the value of BIM that is under-utilized can be unlocked in the operational phase of utilizing a DT.

- Unlock the full potential of future design deliverables in operations and maintenance
- Define project data to maximize the potential of structured and unstructured data
- Maximize the value of BIM by maximizing its use
- Start with the end in mind – re-use by client’s in operational phase

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