Ivana Simic

Tim Kelly Group

BIM Manager


Ivana Simic is a BIM Manager at Tim Kelly Group with an experience and working knowledge of Building Information Modelling and BIM workflows. In 2020 Ivana moved to Ireland from Serbia, where she was born and has spent the most of her life so far. Working on large scale projects she gained co-ordination skills which were recognized on multidisciplinary model co-ordination. With previous experience as a design team BIM Engineer for pre-cast concrete company and architectural background with a Master degree in Architectural Engineering Ivana has excellent attention to details and accuracy, same as ability to understand & coordinate multidisciplinary projects.

Speaking of experience, with 5 years of experience in construction industry Ivana has modelled and coordinated c. 500 000m² of pre-cast concrete industrial facilities and in last two years she has been involved in several larger scale projects including manufacturing, health care and pharmaceuticals, where she was in charge of coordination and modelling of the MEP services.

Beside regular BIM Manager duties which include modelling, updating & co-ordinating Revit 3D models of the MEP services with other disciplines, managing BIM projects production and delivery with members of her BIM team, Ivana is also in charge of establishing BIM Standards & workflows in the company, with the most recent activity in setting up the company’s Common Data Environment system.

At the age of 29, as someone who is very passionate about digital transition, she would like to be a part of the community that will bring changes to the construction industry.

 What to expect during the event

The AEC (Architecture, engineering and construction) industry is quickly adopting digital transition and virtual design in construction. The best practices for gaining the most efficiency from BIM (Building Information Modelling) are not strictly defined and definitely can be adjusted for each company’s needs. The one thing we do know is that coordination of the MEP services can affect whole construction process and that is the clear sign that each subcontractor has to adopt changes in construction industry in order to improve their business. This class will lead you through digital transition from the perspective of the MEP subcontractor. We will focus on sharing our experience, methods, procedures and proven workflows, but also how digital transition improved our working experience. From all the information available for digital transition, there is not a lot of them explaining exactly subcontractors role in it, these information can be overwhelming and confusing, so sharing our experience can help someone to start their own journey.

• Sharing our BIM Experience on recent projects
• Digital transition from the perspective of the MEP subcontractor
• MEP Coordination workflows in pre-construction stage
• Why internal CDE (Common Data Environment) is important for MEP subcontractors?
• Lessons Learned – why every subcontractor should have this form at project close-out?

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