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My name is Igor Adlersberg. Daily I am looking for new opportunities to help my family, partners and friends to reach their goals using my experience and skills. This is a big picture, quite common for the majority of businessmen. The difference is that I work in a highly inertial, full of traditions and slow to change industry - AEC. To be productive you need high-end technical skills but also knowledge of the past. I believe it is the only way to diagnose the business pathology and cure it, thus facilitating digitalization.
I worked on construction sites as a foreman’s assistant, coordinated teams to design great buildings, developed and tested software for state agencies, managed the design and real-estate development projects, led the preparation of the winning bids in public and private tenders, participated in European-funded research projects. All this is impossible without the tools, mostly software. A wide variety of solutions always saved my day, disregard of the tasks: project management, communication, design and construction, software development, research and brainstorming, formalisation and office tasks.
Tools are useless without the training that is to never end for a passionate professional. I’ve studied civil engineering, software development (BSc Comp) and BIM management (MSc BIMM) in academia. Additionally, many courses were passed: Agile PM practices, Machine Learning and AI, Sales and Negotiations, Business Development and surely – cooking.

 What to expect during the event

In the AEC, the supply chains are so long that goals and ways to reach them become unclear. Actors lose profits or fail to deliver value. In the BIM world, there is a term for a design issue – clash. This is a quality metric of the element placement in the model. I would like to share my understanding of the “clash” from a business perspective – the clash of the business models across the supply chain.
The BIM manager’s job is to guide the client in using the digital assets. Let’s simulate a project that spans across all development stages, from the concept to the digital twin. During the simulation, we will use production tools, facilitate investment decisions, digitize organisations, showcase fails and propose better options on how to deal with “clashes”.
Join this session if you think that you could have assistance throughout the whole lifecycle of the project. Complex things explained simply – guaranteed.

- Obtain an in-depth overview of the modern AEC digitalization workflows
- Increase the quality of hiring of the supply chain
- Become aware of the risks and consequences of better decisions
- Have fun seeing how others failed
- Get motivated seeing how others raised after failing
- Get technological insights into production tools and solutions

BIM Lifehacks for engineering business development

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