Ignasi Perez Arnal

BIM Academy


Founding partner of BIM Academy - training entity dedicated to the transformation of professional profiles in the AECO sector related to the Construction 4.0-BIM / Lean / IPD / ODS / Offsite concept, and consultancy dedicated to the experiential implementation of BIM in institutions and companies- .
Content Director of the European BIM Summit since its creation. It belongs to the Building the Future Commission (CCF) sponsored by ITeC, buildingSMART Spain, GUBIMCAT, GBCe-GreenBuilding Council Spain, eg-ice / European Group for Intelligent Computing in Engineering, European Council on Computing in Construction, Blockchain Catalonia, Iniciativa Barcelona Open Data, BIM Supporters, DigiPLACE-European Digital Platform for Construction ...
He has been a speaker at conferences EUBIM, GeoBIM (Netherlands), EDUBIM (France), UE of Valencia, UVCE of Bangalore, Construction Labor Foundation, EBS, BILT (Australia), Healthcare Summit / Smart Cities Expo (India), TRAINEE (North Macedonia), HablemosBIM (Venezuela) AAA-Facoltà di Architettura di Alghero (Italy), Unipiloto (Colombia), ISEP (Portugal)… He is Director of various academic and professionalizing programs such as the Executive BIM Program for Owners and Developers; the Smart Cities master's degree with the École des Ingenieurs de la Ville de Paris, the Master's degree in Construction Project Management from the UB, the BIM Specialization Program in Innovative Construction Management from INESA, the BIM master's degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Barcelona. He is also “Senior Visiting Professor” of the Dipartimento di Architettura e Pianificazione (Progettazione Territoriale Urbana Ambientale-PTUA) of the Università degli Studi di Sassari.
Founder of IBIMA-India BIM Association with more than 40,000 members, he has participated in various consultancies at the national level: Pye (Great Britain) in the study on “Change of Building skills and profiles” in 2016, with KYU Lab Associés (Paris, France ) in the study “Benchmark on foreign educational initiatives towards BIM training” in 2017 for the Plan Transition Numérique dans le Bâtiment PTNB, etc.

 What to expect during the event

The passage of BIM from buildings and infrastructures to geography and territory opens a new world.
In fact, many GIS or Geographic Information Systems describe it as precisely the prelude to BIM. Being able to obtain information and metadata by clicking on a geographical location offers endless applications still to be explored today.
The ultimate goal is to manage the territory (included cities) and what happens to it in a new way. And the twinning between BIM and GIS will open borders and uses never imagined until now. The first change we find is centred on the way of working, its workflows. Urban planning and territory teams are now complemented by engineering, architecture, and construction teams.
The move from BIM to CIM-City Information Modelling and TIM-Territory Information Modelling entails, mainly, the planning of the implementation of BIM processes within each organization that works with the territory, raising questions of a paradigm shift.
The lecture will present what BIM is for public administration and for private engineering companies, show the lessons learned to implement it in an easy way, what tools are necessary and how this new methodology will contribute to transform the way of working and tendering, projecting, building and operate the buildings and infrastructures of our territory.
Interesting for you if you are a professional or decision-maker with responsibilities in the areas of what the new electronic administration focuses linked to urban planning, architecture, engineering, planning for both new and existing buildings and infrastructure.

- BIM and GIS is equal to GeoBIM (or how to control your city and territory)
- How to implement BIM in your public body
- State of the art in the world
- Necessary new workflows
- The realimportanve of CIM-City Information Modelling

BIM + GIS = GeoBIM4SmartTerritories

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