Harri Majala


CEO & Founder


Harri is a 2nd generation builder and 1st generation contech entrepreneur from Finland in Northern Europe, with a long background in both construction and contech. Harri is the founder of the BIM-based collaboration platform GBuilder that helps property developers and construction companies to solve their everyday problems with digitalising their processes.

​​Before he founded GBuilder, Harri was the CEO of a construction company. Harri started GBuilder because he saw a huge problem. As he started to provide more material choices and extras to his residential construction company’s clients, the traditional way projects were handled did not scale as his business grew. For example, a client once asked for a custom color tile in the bathroom and the contractor did not get the information till the standard was already built, sending the project over budget. This was just one of many issues in the whole value chain and it was happening to other developers and contractors across the industry. It was next to impossible for developers to deliver on all the customer promises without big risks. And no one in the industry was fixing it. 

GBuilder is a BIM-compatible collaboration platform for property developers and construction companies. It digitalises the interaction between customers, project teams, and construction sites with functionalities such as material choices and options, configurations with 3D & VR visualisations, change requests, communication, documentation, and more.

GBuilder is market-proven to enhance customer experience, increase efficiency, quality, revenue, and decrease waste and emissions!

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