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Having worked in many architectural firms over the past 10 years as a BIM Manager, Gavin opened his BIM Consulting firm, BIM Guru at the start of 2020. Launching off the back of his YouTube efforts at the Aussie BIM Guru channel, his focus has shifted towards educating all levels of AEC professionals about software-based workflows, computational design and how they can navigate the industry from a BIM perspective.

 What to expect during the event

One needs to only look briefly into current trends in the AEC industry to realise a glaring issue – we seem to have lost sight of where BIM typically all goes wrong, at the source! Whether we’re endlessly viewing models in the web, auditing them in IFC format or even just trying to federate digital twins; in all cases most issues go back to the source of the process - how we are authoring our data in the first place.

This presentation will briefly discuss key considerations for how designers should prepare and template BIM related information in source platforms, and the importance of keeping our focus on the authoring platforms as well as their associated process’. Some examples will be reviewed of ways which firms capture industry approved data sets in the Revit platform, as well as potential ways in which we can potentially bypass burying all this data in future.

Ultimately the key point to drive home here is that we can only stray so far from the capabilities of our technical authors in the process’ of BIM before we are just spinning around a very dry, very useless ‘BIM Burger’. If such movements as Digital Twin are to truly succeed, one must return to the sa[o]u[r]ce of said burger to confront the authoring process’.

- The relationship between process and authoring of data
- How to ensure process ties back to authoring procedures
- Challenges involved with process/platform disconnects
- Types of data to capture at a templated level
- Strategies for merging data outside authoring environments

Other - Computational Design Leader

Other - Computational Design

Why our BIM BURGERS need more S[OUR]CE

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