Frederico Ramos



A Principal in Aedas, Frederico is an architect with a second degree in environmental planning and over 26 years’ experience, having worked in Lisbon, Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore and Melbourne in projects in diverse locations from Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa to South America, Middle East, Asia and Oceania.

Since his first involvement in a BIM built project dating back to 2008, Frederico has been heavily involved in BIM and the AEC Sector Digitalization’s promotion, having led the Aedas Singapore in-house training program and BIM committee, as well as achieving the 1st Runner-up in the BCA international BIM competition and winning the worldwide "Graphisoft Design Competition: Algorithmic Design Meets BIM".

As part of his efforts to promote AEC sector digitalization, Frederico is often invited as an invited speaker in talks in Lisbon, Aveiro, Coimbra, Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore, and participates in webinars and virtual events, such the Singapore-Malaysia BCI Virtual Equinox, the BCA / Singapore Polytechnic Digital Asset FM webinar and the FutureARC Webinar Series Digital Tech HUB.

Frederico is also strongly involved in training and was recently a guest speaker at the United Architects of the Philippines Professional Development Committee “Digitalization – a NEW Reality for 2021 Architecture” with over 400 participants. In 2017, he was also a panel member at the ULI Future Leaders Forum in Singapore to discuss the impact of technology in the real estate industry.

 What to expect during the event

BIM is hardly something new, it has been around for over 30 years and conventional BIM as we know it might quickly become a thing of the past.

Over the last decade, BIM has become the industry norm for the AEC industry, and Academia is also embracing BIM with more and more universities embedding it in their curricula.

However, we are still far from realising the full BIM promise and potential. We can’t even fully agree on what BIM is.

Moving beyond conventional 3D BIM, as we expanded on BIM usages and dimensions, project data has and will continue to increase exponentially. Conventional decision processes and project management tools are starting to be challenged and information management function is quickly expanding and evolving to a point where it is no longer foolish to consider future scenarios where it will overtake conventional buildings’ project management.

Data sizes and data structure are becoming more common discussion topics; and more and more we tend to rely on AI and ML for data mining and to inform data-driven decision-making process, requiring a new type of players.

New processes, Skills Shift, transition to Fabrication & Assembly, a One-team mentality, all inform of a new mindset on how digitalisation and automation are and will keep impacting the industry, leading to new ways of understanding Design consultancies services, Construction, and Operations & Maintenance practices.

More than a conference presentation, we aim to conduct a brief reflection, hopefully leading to a wider discussion on BIM and industry futures.

- What is BIM?

- Why are we still failing at BIM?

- Looking at BIM beyond traditional 3D BIM.

- Impact of Digitalization and Automation to the industry.

- How do we see digital disruption transforming/informing the future of the industry?

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