Elia González Salas


Co-Founder & Digital Quantity Surveyor


Elia has focused her professional career on commercial management both as a consultant and contractor from Denmark, Spain and abroad. She has spent many years working in an engineering company as a Building Engineer, allowing her to acquire great technical experience, as well as a good understanding of the public sector after working on the Urban Planning Permission department for the City Council of Madrid.
In the last years, she has specialised on commercial management during the design phase, but also as Client consultant in early stages for the feasibility phase and assistant of the site manager during the execution period, setting up frame work for managing the economy, claims management and valuations.. Aiming to improve early stages to final construction phases, optimising the BIM processes from a cost perspective, the usability of the BIM material output across the project life, and developing the Danish standards for data collection in order to close the loop of circular economy in construction

All the above has allowed Elia to understand the needs, requirements and possibilities of each project stage, which is now invested in the consultancy advise she gives to clients, as well as a realistic and more optimal approach to how manage projects with a cost and digital integration.

 What to expect during the event

Quantity Surveying and Contract management have very old origins, and with the development of the industry the role is evolving into a more digital approach. It involves a change of mindset, around how a project is conceived, approached, and handled. It requires the role to become circular, value focused and less analog. As well as its involvement in teams becoming a more active and collaborative relationship in comparison of the old tradition passive involvement we are used to.

-Evolved role of the Quantity Surveyor (cost specialists).
-Change mindset from Lineal projects to Circular projects.
-The importance of standardization around cost data.
-Digitalise, transform processes and minimise manual redundant work.
-Value management and collaborative processes between 5D and the other disciplines of the project.
-Involvement of the Cost specialists in the BEP creation.
-Key requirements of the digital QS towards the designers for maximizing the usage of the design material on their role.

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