Dr. Mohammad Mayouf

Birmingham City University

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Mohammad Mayouf is a Senior Lecturer in Digital Built Environment and the Course Leader for MSc Digital Construction and MSc Building Surveying with Facilities Management at Birmingham City University. Mohammad completed his Ph.D in improving the delivery of Building Performance through the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) from the United Kingdom. Since 2015, Mohammad has been one of the major drivers of the digital agenda across the Built Environment courses at Birmingham City University. His expertise also include the use of a variety of BIM-based software applications across the whole lifecycle of a construction project. Mohammad is also a committee at the UK BIM Alliance (West Midlands) where his focus is to promote Industry-University initiatives to improve processes and boost collaboration opportunities.

Being an academic, he is continually engaged with contemporary developments with relation to digitalisation in the built environment and actively publishing journal articles and conferences papers. In 2019, he was elected by Association Schools of Construction (ASC) in the U.S. as the best construction educator representing the region of UK and Europe, and in 2020, his paper on integrating the quantity surveyors within the 5D BIM process won the Outstanding Paper in Journal of Engineering, Design and Technology as part of the Literati Awards. His current work focuses on integrating the applications of data science for effective data handling and process management mechanisms.

 What to expect during the event

Over the years, industry and academia have continually been looking into techniques and approaches that support effective and efficient mechanisms in managing the construction process. Following a decade after the introduction of BIM, many digitally underlined processes and applications have allowed better means to manage information, effective coordination and communication between stakeholders, and earlier detection of issues and complexities. However, the construction process, in its own entirety, includes many aspects that operationally vary in terms of complexities and issues. Although the availability and accessibility of IT-based solutions is considerably high, yet during unprecedented situations such as COVID-19, the construction was deemed as one of the sectors that majorly suffered, and handling of many construction processes was inadequate and many cases failed. Hence, it was sought that the issue is not necessarily application-related, but indeed process-related. Recently, with the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) across different aspects in the construction sector has provided further opportunities for automation, and more importantly, informed decision-making. This talk aims to shed the light on synthesising BIM with artificial intelligence focusing on data to support more robust mechanisms toward construction process. The focus will be on data produced during advanced stages in the design, and data recorded during early and later stages of the construction process. The talk will discuss different types of analytics that can be applied using data from BIM, and will extend to cover the potential application of AI in informing the construction process.

- To identify the role of BIM in managing the construction process.
- To highlight shortfalls that BIM lack in managing the construction process.
- To identify different types of data that flows as part of the construction process.
- To understand the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in supporting the construction process.
- To identify potent

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