Dr. Jonathan Ingram

345 Holdings

Chief Technology Officer

Jonathan wrote the first BIM system single handedly in the 1980s and built a second in the 1990s for which he received the Prince Phillip Gold Medal for this “Exceptional Contribution to Engineering” in 2016 by RAEng. The latter he sold to PTC where it became the basis of Revit. He has written about BIM, illustrated with many early case studies, in his book “Understanding BIM, the Past, Present and Future” published by Routledge 2020. In the British press he is known as the “father of BIM”.

For the last 5 years he is the CTO of www.345.global building a retail information model. It applies the principles of BIM into Retail, providing a “total store environment”. It integrates store planning, merchandizing, online shopping, sales data and marketing into one cloud-based platform. It applies AR, AI, mobile computing and voice recognition. Major retailers and manufactures are using the system to manage and optimize large numbers of complex stores.

 What to expect during the event

“Information Modelling” with references to AEC, Retail and building very complex systems (Fusion)

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