Deke Smith

DKS Information Consulting, LLC


Deke Smith has been involved with automation in the AECOO industry since the early days of CAD in the 1970s.
The first book he co-authored, Building Information Modeling - A Strategic Guide in 2009, is still selling; the second book Developing BIM Talent, was published in 2021 and promotes a Common Body of Knowledge for universities worldwide. Both were published by Wiley & Sons. He recently co-chaired a two-part standard development committee through APPA to define Total Cost of Ownership in hopes it will provide the metrics needed to identify the value of transformation in the AECOO industry.

 What to expect during the event

Deke’s keynote will paint a picture of where BIM and industry interoperability, in general, can lead us, the role education must take, and how we identify the actual value of our efforts, to root out waste and incompetence in the AECOO industry, to profoundly improve our final product.

1. Understand the holistic nature of the AECOO industry

2. Understand how the relationship between AECO and the owner must evolve

3. Understand the concept of the “T” shaped student and practitioner

4. How to make data and information actionable

5. How trusted information can flow from authoritative source to end-user

Digital Competency (Education)

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