David Mullen

Engineering Documentation

Managing Director


David Mullen is the managing director of Engineering Documentation Ltd., a BIM consultancy employing over 30 people in Sligo.

Having in excess of 20 years experience in the construction industry, David spent a number of years on site with a mechanical contractor before founding Engineering Documentation in 2006.

Originally established to provide mechanical and electrical O&M manuals and drawings, the company has evolved into a full-scale BIM practice, supporting building services engineers and contractors on projects in Ireland, Europe, the Middle East and UK.
The company provides all forms of practical drawing services including CAD, Revit, Plant 3D and Solidworks. They pride themselves on offering a hands-on BIM support including client representation, model management, point cloud scanning and site-based support.

The company is an Autodesk Authorised Training Centre providing for training in Autodesk drawing products.

 What to expect during the event

The position of the BIM co-ordinator is a relatively new profession, existing in a construction industry that is anything but. It is a role which has evolved, demanding that it leans heavily on emerging technologies, but equally reliant on old fashioned skills and values to be successful. It requires a mix of talent, sometimes not readily available to our industry – of youthful hunger and calm experience – an older head on younger shoulders. More than anything it needs one of the attributes the BIM process itself was introduced to improve – communication. Technology can only do so much.

From a company perspective, this brings its own challenges – recruiting, training and mentoring. Trying to find the right mix of technical time spent in front of a computer and balancing that with practical experience and site exposure.

For the person themselves, it is having the drive to explore new technologies and being comfortable with experimenting with new workflows and software, whilst having the presence of mind to pull back from the curve and be able to present their work to a construction team who may well be moving through their BIM journey at a very different speed.

This presentation will look at the role of the BIM co-ordinator as it exists today and the how they can tap into technology whilst still maintaining a relevance and a connection with the site team.

1. Keep it simple
2. Maintain an open mind to new workflows and technologies
3. Be mindful of others and their awareness of the BIM process
4. Always be learning
5. Keep talking

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