David Delgado Vendrell


Architect and openBIM Consultant

I am a specialist in using the Archicad platform a strong advocate of openBIM and Agile methodologies in the construction industry. I collaborate as a lecturer in other BIM educational programs, and I am an active member of the BIM User Group of Catalonia (GuBIMCat). I am a board member in the Design Area of buildingSMART Spain. I also collaborate in the "We Build the Future" Commission of ITEC in Catalonia, in the representation of buildingSMART Spain. I have co-authored the BIM classification system "GuBIMclass," an initiative of GuBIMCat and Infraestructures de Catalunya.

 What to expect during the event

From DDV openBIM Solutions, David Delgado Vendrell will show the workflow using the Graphisoft Archicad out-of-the-bosc Point Cloud solutions in Scan2BIM projects. In addition, he will highlight the importance of the client information requirements in such works and how to deal with represented accuracies in your required deliverables through openBIM and Agile approaches.

- Understand OpenBIM workflow within an actual use case
- The use of Archicad and e57 point cloud tips & tricks
- Learning Agile methodology basics
- Learn how to use point cloud objects efficiently to increase your modelling performance
- Demonstrate how BCF standard becomes an efficient communication mean

Using Agile and openBIM approaches in Scan2BIM works

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