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David de Dios is an architect graduated from the University of Alicante (UA) in Spain. He is an interdisciplinary collaborator working with the Digital Marketing, Technical Support and Development departments. In his time at CYPE he has helped customers with technical support, courses and seminars catering to their needs, focusing on Structural, MEP and Project Management solutions. David has also been part of the technical development and diffusion of Open BIM workflow, and he is actively spreading the word to the construction industry in numerous public events.

 What to expect during the event

CYPE has been developing software for the AEC sector for four decades. With BIMserver.center, we are exploring the new possibilities of the coming fourth industrial revolution with a new building material: information. Join us on this event to see how our

Structural and Architectural solutions can cater to your needs and experience the power of
BIM. By the end of this training you will be able to model your project’s architectural definition in CYPE Architecture and re-use it later to check and generate reports and drawings for the RCC structure in CYPECAD. And all of this will happen while you reap the benefits of using BIMserver.center as your hub for BIM projects

- Set up your project on BIMserver.center
- Model your project’s Architecture on CYPE Architecture
- Export the results to BIMserver.center and synchronise the project
- Design a RCC structure for our imported model
- Analyse your structure and auto-generate the final reports + drawings

BIMserver.center: an Open BIM approach to collaborative projects by CYPE

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