Colin Bell

Kier Construction

Head Of Digital Construction


Colin Bell is the head of digital construction at Kier Construction, part of Kier Group, and responsible for implementing and driving the integration of Kier’s Digital Construction strategy as well as leading the digital construction and information management teams across the UK. He ensures that Kier Construction adopt the right digital tools and processes to deliver standardised and consistent measurable outputs and that data is optimised to continuously learn and improve.

Colin provides business-wide support relative to BIM and information management, digital training, role-based competency, data reporting and digital dashboards. He keeps up to date with industry best practice and innovative solutions as well as future digital opportunities which supports people and process, data and information excellence and digitally enabling projects.

Working in the industry for over 20 years, and with a strong academic and operational background, Colin has worked on some iconic projects across multiple sectors around the world including the Lusail Iconic Stadium in Qatar. This experience has afforded him significant opportunity to develop an authentic and approachable reputation built on a strong work ethic, clear communication style and excellent people-management skills.

A member of the UK BIM Alliance Affiliates Leadership Team and a Women in BIM mentor, Colin’s aspiration is to bring the construction industry back to the fore. He believes careers in the industry have never been more diverse and exciting and that it is one of the most unique industries to work in due to the changing status quo of people, skills, technologies, projects and opportunities.

 What to expect during the event

Colin Bell will present evidence from several Kier Construction projects which showcase the dovetailed and connected approach to digital delivery, established within the business.

Underpinned by an innovative response to ISO 19650, Kier Construction’s information management approach has allowed technology integration that supports and enriches project delivery to drive improved business performance. Kier hold a BSI Kitemark associated with our overarching processes and response to ISO 19650 and our approach to supply chain BIM capability assessment has been acknowledged as industry leading.

As with all digital strategies and transformations, there has been a significant shift in culture and attitudes. It is this changing of hearts and minds and demonstrating what digital means in simple everyday life that has been a huge enabler for what has been achieved at Kier. The greatest challenge facing Kier is that of ensuring the cultural transformation supports the changes made at application and implementation level and to do this Kier has identified the functional knowledge, training and skills required for their people and roles to support their digital by default approach.

From adoption of a single CDE solution to enablement of consistent information management, and defined platforms for review, validation and reporting, Kier has adopted primary systems, technologies and processes throughout its digital journey so far which have allowed greater focus on its outputs and provided a mechanism to utilise data as the basis for informed decision-making.

- How Kier has interpreted and provided a platform of excellence in response to ISO 19650
- The tools, platforms and technologies which support our project delivery
- The benefits of BIM processes for design and coordination of off-site manufacturing
- Understand the challenges of upskilling, knowledge sharing and training of people across our
organisation to meet the Digital by Default ethos
- How we are planning for the future and continuing to push our own boundaries

Digital by Default: The Kier Delivery Mindset

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