Brian Skripac DBIA, CM-BIM

Design-Build Institute of America

Director, Virtual Design & Construction

As Director of Virtual Design & Construction (VDC), Brian is responsible for shaping how VDC brings optimal benefits to design-build’s “whole team” approach to project delivery.

Brian is a Digital Construction innovator with nearly 20 years of leadership defining how people, processes and technology come together to transform collaborative project delivery.

In addition, he leads the creation and advancement of best practices related to the integration of BIM-enabled technologies and other innovative digital tools to enhance design-build team performance and while generating significant benefits for projects across the built environment.

As thought leader in this field, he has also had the opportunity to serve as an advisory group member and past-chair of the AIA National Technology in Architectural Practice Knowledge Community while serving on the BIMForum committee responsible for authoring the Level of Development (LOD) Specification.

 What to expect during the event

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a tool or the model-based technologies that produce a building information model that enables a highly collaborative Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) process throughout a project’s lifecycle.

When combined, project teams can take advantage of a forward-thinking environment where the integration of people, process and technology can thrive.

The whole team approach inherent in Design-Build is an ideal environment for BIM/VDC to flourish (more than any other project delivery system), especially when you can take advantage of an integrated project team from the outset, creating a platform where all the client’s goals can be embraced early.

- Demonstrate the value of integrating BIM/VDC into a Design-Build project delivery model.

- Compare traditional project delivery models to Design-Build showing how contractual

barriers are removed enabling project teams to freely share and collaborate with their data

rich, three-dimensional models.

- Define how early project planning efforts create a common model-based language and

digital ecosystem to align the right technologies to solve the project’s unique challenges.

- Describe how a VDC workflow is one that validates the constructability of the project

teams design efforts while producing high-quality, reliable multi-disciplinary model-based


- Identify how virtually designing and simulating the work before construction occurs on site,

not only increases team productivity but eliminates rework by embracing Design-Build’s

whole team approach.

Leveraging BIM for Design-Build

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