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Engr. Aqsa Sahar Rauf Siddiqui: a BIM Engineer and a Researcher from BIMMERS Pvt. Ltd; Pakistan. BIMMERS Pvt. Ltd is one of the growing companies in Pakistan that wants people to adopt new technologies in construction along with the traditional methods. As in traditional method we have to continue our work in our specialized field but in BIM you have to be an All-Rounder that's why I call myself a BIMMER because of not only designing and modelling of Structures and Architecture but also expertise in designing and modelling of MEP. Scheduling and Quantity take-off is an additional skill that I usually provide through BIM. As BIM as a very vast field and the future of construction industry so we BIMMERS will try to keep on making it common on National and International Level.

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Building Information Modelling is one of the most recent auspicious development in the industry of AEC. An innovative method for designing and managing construction projects which allows professionals to collaborate and interact more efficiently. As per the survey conducted by NBS that BIM helps in 55% of fast delivery of projects for the professionals of UK. BIM helps in reduction of clashes at the drawing stage, lower expenses, reduce risks and make the visualization more efficient. Adoption of BIM has significantly grown during 2021 and it is a process that won't stop evolving. It is reported that globally BIM implementation was 26% in 2007 and over doubled in less than a decade reaching 57% in 2016. Most of the governments of US, UK Germany, Canada and other developed countries have made BIM implementation compulsory for their industries. Moreover in Pakistan currently the adoption rate of BIM is around 12% discussing the reasons behind this low rate of adoption. It is the not-so-distant future the AEC industry will be able to leverage augmented reality, also Digital Twins are slowly making their way into construction industry along with Robots and Artificial Intelligence to assist BIM in learning from data and identified patterns. 3D printing for building construction will also play an important role in the future.

1 ) Awareness of BIM
2 ) Adoption of BIM
3 ) Augmented Reality
4 ) Digital Twins
5 ) Robots & Artificial Intelligence assistance in BIM
6 ) 3D Printing

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