Andy Boutle


Head of Digital Construction

With over twenty years industry experience, Andy has worked in various engineering and management roles for both consultants and contractors with a more recent specialization in Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Known as a vocal proponent for digital transformation across the construction industry, Andy's latest role as Head of Digital Construction has meant a broader focus on ALEC's digitization with an emphasis on increasing workflow communication and vertical efficiencies. With a keen focus on implementing BIM according to the ISO 19650 series, Andy is one of the co-authors of the best practice guidance resources developed within the UK BIM Framework.

As the former Head of BIM - Construction Division, Kier Group, Andy's experience enabled him to take a leading role in driving positive industry change, while co-authoring several strategies including "Digital by Default", the Kier Group's Digital Vision and Strategy, as well as template resources and workflow production and ownership for information management using BIM.

Running in parallel to his duties with Kier Group, Andy also served as the Engagement Co-Lead and Executive Team - UK BIM Alliance, where he helped to provide independent leadership and support to the UK's built environment for the adoption of BIM across the industry.

 What to expect during the event

In this session I’ll be demonstrating how resources aligned to ISO 19650-2 can be developed in a database solution to make document and spreadsheet production and management more efficient, dynamic and generally ‘smarter’. I’ll click through a live demo showing how we have developed these using Morta, showing an overview of the structure and how they work, whilst giving some insights on the benefits and some challenges encountered.

The session will cover resources developed for a lead appointed party as follows:
-Information management function assignment matrix
-(pre-appointment) BIM execution plan
-Mobilization plan
-Detailed responsibility matrix
-Exchange information requirements (LAP)
-Information delivery plan (TIDPs-MIDP)

Lead-Appointed Party (Construction)

Mechanical Engineering

“Moving from disconnected documents and spreadsheets to online dynamic resources”

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