Andrew Waring



Andrew Waring is passionate about Helping Clients Thrive in the Digital Age of Construction, is a founding director of Virtual-PHi and RIBA registered Architect, with 8+ years’ experience delivering to information requirements projects across various sectors, including education, justice, and stadia across the UK.
Andrew supports Clients, Consultants and Contractors in specification, delivery, and validation of information, with a focus on straight forward communication and accessibility to all stakeholders.

 What to expect during the event

Data doesn’t suddenly appear fully correct. It takes time and effort to collate, produce and format. Too often is time and money spent producing information that is ultimately rejected. Pre-validation and iterative tracking of progress is paramount to ensure program, cost and efficiency targets are met, but where to begin? What tools to use? How much will it cost?

Andrew will demonstrate a cost effective, fully bespoke process for information validation and progress tracking using power query and power bi.

The class will cover a beginner’s crash course in power query, how to reference information, transform it and validate it against some typical rule sets. It will then cover how to effectively communicate this to staff through dashboard created in Power BI.

Finally, will end on some examples from Andrew’s experience in using power query and Power BI in practice to get everyone thinking about what they can do with these accessible tools that you already have.

An Introduction to Power Query and Power BI for data validation

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