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I am a director with Hoare Lea. Founded in 1862, Hoare Lea is Europe’s longest established built environment engineering and design consultancy. My key role is in innovation, with a particular focus on digitalisation. My focus lies in utilising digital technologies in both building design and operation to balance the tensions that can often exist between human centric and climate conscious outcomes.Coincidentally, that research was driven by the need to reduce aircraft fuel consumption whilst at the same time maintaining passenger comfort. Fast forward nearly four decades and my key interest now lies in utilising digital design and operational technologies to balance the tensions that can exist between human and climate conscious outcomes in the built environment, and the need to consider these factors holistically rather than individually if truly sustainable outcomes are to be delivered.

 What to expect during the event

There is undoubtedly a current focus on end-to-end, interconnected data as an enabler to better building design and operation, and for good reason too given the increasingly urgent imperative to address the climate crisis. However, the built environment industry doesn’t always seem fully aware of the importance of putting end users at the centre of its activities. This human-centric approach needs to include both the user experience of the design and operational tools required to deliver truly sustainable real world outcomes, and those outcomes themselves. This presentation will explore the reasons why a human-centric focus has been the key to success in other industries, and why this is no different in the built environment industry, but often forgotten.

1. What do we mean by user experience design?
2. Why user experience design unlocks powerful digital transformation?
3. The symbiotic nature between data and user experience design?
4. ORIGIN: A real world example of in-house development.
5. The challenges in actually getting the principles of user experience embedded in an industry that hasn’t cared about this historically.

Why user experience design matters as much as data.

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