Anand Mecheri


Chief Executive Officer

Anand is an industry expert in the domain of Digital Twins and their applications for various asset types and lifecycle stages.

He has over 30 years of experience in smart buildings, digitalisation of construction and asset operations, having built and scaled both technology and services businesses that were all acquired by SIEMENS in 2009.

After two years in a global leadership position in Siemens Building Technologies, he founded "Invicara", to accelerate the industry's journey to Digital Twins for the built environment.

Invicara has developed "Twinit" the industry first “low code” cloud platform that allows partners to build highly customised Digital Twin solutions for many use cases. Digital Twin Solutions built on Twinit range from "Discovery Twins" and "Simulation Twins" for urban developments, "Asset Twins" and "Performance Twins" for buildings and infrastructure assets.

 What to expect during the event

Digital Twins have been a buzz word for a while now and the buzz is only getting louder! Despite various efforts by the industry to clarify what Digital Twins are, there remains a lot of confusion. This is not surprising. Digital Twin can mean many things, in many contexts, to different stakeholders in various industry segments. There is no one definition for a Digital Twin and there should not be.

In this talk, Anand will bring clarity to this topic, by describing a framework to help discover, define, implement and leverage Digital Twin enabled solutions to digitally transform many business processes.

The talk will illustrate how Digital Twin enabled solutions apply to the built environment and its impact on asset operations. He will bring out and explain Digital Twin related concepts that are important for practitioners of BIM to understand in order to more effectively participate and collaborate in the development and use of Digital Twins.

The talk will also provide insights to the emerging Digital Twin ecosystem in the built environment and how different actors have adjacent but different roles in this ecosystem. It will help the listener to discover what their role may be and how they could accelerate and own their space.

What, Why Digital Twins. The notion of Digital Twin enabled solutions. Why is it critical for Asset Operations. The role of BIM in Digital Twin enabled solutions. What does the Digital Twin eco system look like? How can I participate in it?


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