Altaf Ganihar


Founder & CEO


Founder & CEO of Snaptrude: A collaborative 3D design tool on the web
Spent the last six years at the intersection of AEC & tech. Altaf has built numerous solutions on top of Revit, SketchUp, Unreal engine, etc., to streamline design workflows but realized building plugins will not solve the deep-rooted problems plaguing the industry today. Founded Snaptrude to build a modern building design tool powered by automation & data.
Altaf comes from a research background in computer graphics & geometry processing. He was the project lead of the IDH (India Digital Heritage) project. The team created a workflow to digitize cultural heritage sites & successfully digitized the UNESCO world heritage site of Hampi in India. Altaf has over ten international publications & holds multiple patents in the domain of computer graphics, geometry & computer vision.

 What to expect during the event

An intuitive & multi-player approach to BIM

- How to create a multi-player design environment for your office
- How to use BIM early in the design process for better & faster design iterations
- How to use collaboration with your clients & external stakeholders
- How to create a unified design environment to centralize data & remove silos
- How to make your design teams more productive

An intuitive & multi-player approach to BIM

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