Alice Santman


Director, Project Manager

Alice Santman provides BIM implementation strategies from design and construction to FM Owner solutions. She is a developer of custom application integrations, as well as new connected platform workflows through the Intemation Team. Having started in the Architectural field, designing and building custom residential projects in the resort communities of Colorado, her focus quickly shifted to data and facility management in the water/wastewater industries to health care and manufacturing across the state.

She is a voice for Owners to ensure comprehensive turn-over of all built data, from models to GIS, document libraries and asset data and space management. Alice accomplishes this by engaging, setting up and managing projects directly with Owner Teams as early as possible in the Design/Build/Operate lifecycle, providing a smooth turnover to the Owner record environment. Her goal is the constant development, testing and the progression of full Lifecycle BIM to FM integration in the Built Environment beyond just building 3D models and adding information to the parametric building blocks of said model. Alice believes the challenge is communicating the Information to all team members throughout the project life-cycle and making this available to Owners and FM Teams in a perpetually updating, live record environment.

 What to expect during the event

A conversation/demonstration in the development and more importantly, the aggregation of all data which populates the Owner record environment. From model clean-up and organization to asset listing and data point associations to the comprehensive Documentation library. We will walk through these processes leveraged for aggregation as well as platform development and interface needs.

Behind the interface components are the building blocks for all the facility data and management. We need to sit down with the Owner teams and ask them what they need to manage their facility. Some other common questions we are asked follows:

• How soon are we engaged to access design and sub-contractor model data?
• How do we know which data points do we want to track, populate and import to the platform?
• Are their software integration limitations?
• Options for cloud-based solutions or on-premise server solution?
• Which features are or can be available in the platform?

We will show the custom interface developed for Owners, its flexibility to customize for the end-user role and needs and the available 3rd party integrations based on Owner’s existing technologies to be used. We will also show future integrations into the platform.
The culmination of the demonstration will allow the viewers to have a roadmap of all the pieces and parts that goes into a digital twin environment.

- Engage early – work directly with the Owners and talk with the design and contractor teams to align data point standards, model standards, etc
- Platform development – setting up a plan, APIs, SDK access, developer team
- Data aggregation – identifying key data points and where and how to manage them
- Know your tools – data can be in Revit, Excel, Bi, Build, Contractor software, etc. How and who will be able to aggregate this?
- SaaS or hand-off and move on to “next? Keep the Owner involved and help them to maintain data, update models. Show them the “living” virtual environment

The Owner Record: Assets and Systems accessible on Day One

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