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09:00 - Dr. James Harty

BIM & Blockchain

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Service Description

Training will look at how BIM and Blockchain can aid and abet each other. BIM is a well-established collaborative and coordinated technology, that is bringing benefits to the construction sector. But it not rewarding the sector as well as it might. Blockchain can provide the transparency and intrinsic value, that can unleash rewards for building performance and predicted outcomes, while exposing charlatans and non-performers. Furthermore, Blockchain allows smart cities and digital twins to flourish. How does this happen, how do we introduce monitoring and sensoring into construction? Who controls the process, who maintains the platform, and how will it bring rewards and benefits to the sector? Finally, the reward that can be promised is critical to making profit margins bigger and to bring facilities management and life-cycle analysis into the picture. Currently bidders for a construction project usually sees the lowest bidder getting the commission, while the most sustainable bid is ignored. How to change this mindset? If I can predict that you will save 20% in energy and carbon emissions over the next 20 years, what incentivises me to go the extra mile, to make the building required and needed, rather that the cheapest bid? Blockchain can look at the costs and if the savings can be confirmed then a side contract can release 5% to me as recompense, I am now building a portfolio of projects that keeps paying out year after year, if performance is as predicted. - BIM's Potential - Blockchain's Benefits - Smart Contracts - Digital Twins - Performance and Reward (payout) - Increased Profit Margins

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Unit 201 Q-House 76 Furze Road, Sandyford, Dublin D18VHK2, Ireland

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