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  • BIM Coordinators 2024 LATAM Virtual Summit
    BIM Coordinators 2024 LATAM Virtual Summit
    Wed, 29 May
    LATAM Virtual Event
    29 May 2024, 09:00 – 18:00 GMT-6
    LATAM Virtual Event
    An online celebration of excellence and digital innovation in Architecture, Engineering and Construction. Meet and share knowledge with the BIM Heroes of the AEC Industry.

The BIM Hero Register

Nominate A BIM "Hero"

A list of BIM Coordinators, BIM Managers, BIM Authors (designers), Information Managers, Project Managers, Cost Managers, Asset Owners or Managers, who have been recognized and appreciated for their contribution to the AEC built-environment sector, by being awarded the “Hero” token of appreciation.

They will get

  • BIM Coordinators “Hero” Token in Presentation Box

  • Matching “Hero” Lapel Pin

  • Included on the BIM Hero Register

  • LinkedIn and Twitter message celebrating the Award

  (Token Price: 30 )



Key Topics to be Discussed - Information Management for: 

  • Strategic Project Planning and Consultancy 

  • Appointing Parties (asset owners, clients, employers) 

  • Appointed Parties (design stage) 

  • Appointed Parties (construction stage) 

  • Appointed Parties (post-construction & asset management or operations stage) 

  • Technology & Interoperability 

  • "The Golden Thread" (compliance & checking)

  • Post-Construction / Asset Management 

  • Building "Digital" Competency (education)

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