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Throughout our 20-year history as an educational institution, every step we have taken at Zigurat Global Institute of Technology has been to evolve. Zigurat was one of the first Mesopotamian constructions and symbolizes better than anything else the history of engineering, architecture, knowledge, and technological transformation that represents us.

Master’s Programs

We propose a unique training path, professional application of the techniques in collaborative and real projects. We offer Master's Programs in BIM & Construction Management, Urbanism & Smart Cities, Structural Engineering, MEP Engineering.

At Zigurat, we look the future in the face. It inspires us to do everything in our power to enhance the potential of people and organizations to catalyze their transformation and lead an increasingly demanding market.

Postgraduate Programs

Our Postgraduate programs in Construction are a 360º experience. Beyond our virtual face-to-face format, which allows effective communication and a complete and flexible learning process, training at Zigurat implies reaching beyond what theory and practice propose.

Corporate Services

Zigurat Global Institute of Technology generates knowledge and transfers it to companies and public entities to increase their competitiveness and capacity for innovation. The school’s relationship with institutions is based on long-term collaborations where we can add value to different business areas: technical knowledge, R&D, human resources, and marketing.

Zigurat offers international organizations a wide range of executive programs, as well as the opportunity to create tailor-made programs under a unique online pedagogic method.


Rooftop is our Online Courses Platform that focuses on the trending topics in the sector so that you are always ahead of the curve.


Zigurat Global Institute of Technology

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