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Join the tribe

BIM Coordinators Summit celebrates the coming together of the greatest minds of the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industries. Join us to see how efficient information workflows can help you.

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Where minds meet & information matters

The Token

Represents Value - quality information that creates and maintains the built-environment.

The Dragon

Represents Chaos - The unknown, unresolved, or undiscovered potential or promise.

The Sword

Represents Truth - Accurate, resolved, timely, useful information and communication.

The Shield

Represents Virtue - Doing what is good and noble, over what is expedient (moral excellence).

The Scales

Represents Order - A built-environment that supports a well-functioning culture or society.

The BIM Hero Story
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Information Management for Appointing Parties


Strategic Project Planning & Consultancy


Information Management for Designers


Information Management for Contractors


Information for Asset Management & Digital Twins

Data Governance

Information Checking, Quality Control & 'Golden-Thread'


Technology and Interoperability Solutions


Developing Digital Competency

Agenda Overview
Full Agenda
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Nominate a BIM Hero

1.  BIM Coordinators “Hero” Token in Presentation Box

2.  Included on the BIM Hero Register​

3.  LinkedIn and Twitter message celebrating the Award

A list of BIM Coordinators, BIM Managers, BIM Authors (designers), Information Managers, Project Managers, Cost Managers, Asset Owners or Managers, who have been recognized and appreciated for their contribution to the AEC built-environment sector, by being awarded the “Hero” token of appreciation.

BIM Heroes receive:

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